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More photos from the Camino …

In the centre of Leon there were some very old shops. This pharmacy near the cathedral had been in operation for a long time and had some of the original medicine bottles on display. (Richard McCaig)

The Dusty Track Blog continues to be updated. Leon is a fascinating city in the North of Spain with many interesting shops and streets. I was surprised to find so many old and traditional shops and bars here – I would recommend a visit! I will continue to update the blog at over the next few weeks. The Camino experience is truly wonderful.

Dusty Track Blog

As the light faded, the church changed to a deeper and deeper red and orange. The clouds became a wonderful pink. There were churches in many of the villages along the Way of Saint James. (Richard McCaig)
I have just finished a long walk from Le Puy en Velay in France to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. This is the Way of Saint James and is a very ancient route dating back to medieval times. It took two months so there are plenty photos coming up. Why not subscribe to the RSS feed or follow on @dustytrack at Twitter? The web site is at