Life in the Deep Freezer

Its not been above minus 6C the last few days, and expecting minus 20C tonight. Still life in the freezer was enhanced this morning with the full lunar eclipse, the first on the Winter Solstice since 1638. Sky was clear and the sight was one to behold as the colours changed from the silver of the moon to pink, red then a deep copper. Worth getting up early for!

More photos from the Camino …

In the centre of Leon there were some very old shops. This pharmacy near the cathedral had been in operation for a long time and had some of the original medicine bottles on display. (Richard McCaig)

The Dusty Track Blog continues to be updated. Leon is a fascinating city in the North of Spain with many interesting shops and streets. I was surprised to find so many old and traditional shops and bars here – I would recommend a visit! I will continue to update the blog at over the next few weeks. The Camino experience is truly wonderful.

Millau Viaduct in France

In the late afternoon, as mist and fog descended, a soft light shone through to illuminate the structure of the bridge (Richard McCaig)

There has been a bit of interest in this photograph of the Millau Viaduct which spans the Tarn River in the Aveyron department of France. It is quite an incredible structure. It was very misty with cloud rising from the valley when I visited. With enough patience the light changed and made the bridge shine in the cloud.

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Featured by Alastair Humphreys

Alastair Humphreys invited me to contribute to his weekly Photo Friday blog spot. Alastair completed a round the World cycle trip and has undertaken many adventures since. I sent him this shot I took in Mexico. Alastair has undertaken some remarkable adventures and expeditions, including a mammoth 4 year round-the-world bike trip. I have just finished his first book – a remarkable and enjoyable book. He also has many great photographs on his web site at Pay his site a visit for some inspiration!